Sustainable Strategies for Online Boutique Shopping

Happy Earth Day to all! Today, we're excited to share some of our favorite tips on reducing our carbon footprint and how you can join us in shopping sustainably. As an online boutique within the 'fast fashion' industry, this year we've committed to improving our practices to continue to offer you unique styles of curated collections but refining our focus on sourcing higher-quality fabrics, cuts and styles that will transcend fad trends, and allow you to create a wardrobe of pieces that you love today and for many years to come!

    1. Buy fewer clothes. Now, that may seem a little strange for us, an online clothing boutique, to tell you to buy fewer clothes! But here's exactly what we mean by that... Buy clothes that you love and you can repeat and restyle throughout your wardrobe in many ways! Not only does this benefit the environment, but it allows you to refine and expand on your personal style more by learning to style one piece many ways!

    2. Shop local when you can. When you buy locally, you're not only supporting your local economy of small business owners, you can help reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to emissions from shipping!

    3. Cut back on washing. This could be controversial, but there's really no need to wash your clothes everytime you wear them. Now, there are times where it's necessary, especially if it's a hot summer day! But most of the time, when we wear an outfit out for a few hours, it's not necessary to wash it. Not only does this help the environment, but your clothes will last much longer! How many times have you worn a new top and it was ruined after one wash?! 

    4. Invest in good quality fabrics. Something that we are working on for 2024, is ensuring that each garment that we carry is what we would consider to be 'high quality', meaning it's something that can last you many years to come if you're taking good care of it. We understand that handwashing your items isn't realistic, so we're focused on finding items that are dry clean friendly, or you can easily maintain the structure and integrity of by washing at home!

    5. Swap styles with friends or neighbors. It's a great idea to bring together a group of your friends, or people within your community that share similar style that you can trade or sell your gently worn clothes to! This is a fun way to recycle clothes and bond with people in your community! In fact, we just started a Facebook Group called 'Shop Fred and Faye Insiders' that we hope you all will utilize for swapping styles or selling your gently used items to those who may have missed out on their favorite style! Keep an eye out for more details on that over the next few weeks.

    Like we mentioned above, we realize that online boutiques are certainly play a role in the 'fast fashion' industry, but there are so many ways that you can continue to buy from small boutiques and still have a strategy for being a sustainable shopper!

    Are there ways that you would like to see us improve our sustainability?! We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at

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